Inaugural speech presented by Comrade Temple Basoene Morford, National President of Inland Waterways Association of Nigeria (IWDAN) In Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Friday February 23rd, 2018

It’s my profound gratitude to the Almighty God who made this day a success. And our sincere gratitude goes to you,our highly esteemed guests for giving us the reasons to do what we have chosen to do. Hence it is an honour to stand before you this day, to present my inaugural speech on this historic event of the Inland Waterways development Association Inaugural meeting.

Brief introduction:

The Inland Waterways Development Association of Nigeria(IWDAN) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Non Partisan Organization with the objective to collaborate and partner with various Government Agencies and stakeholders saddled with the responsibility of overseeing activities on all the designated inland waterways for sustainable development as enshrined in the entire enabling Act establishing same. To also engage private entities and multinationals in line with the provisions of the law guiding all activities along the Nigerian waterways

It is with the above in mind that well meaning people from the 28 member States of Nigeria find it imperative to came together to form a coherent, virile and common front in our collective objectives, and speak with one voice in matters concerning the Inland waterways developments

  • Security challenges
  • Navigational challenges
  • Environmental challenge
  • Developmental challenges

Today is unique in the history of Nigeria, where Inland Waterways Business Environment is about to be reformed, with the birth of Inland Waterway Development Association (IWDA). To partner with stakeholders to find lasting solutions to the challenges. Consequently operators in the waterways should open their doors and partner with IWDA as she pursues her Nation transforming in line with national transportation policy act with clear vision and articulate mission policies.

IWDA will engage all relevant government Agencies in this new agenda. The inspiration for IWDA came from detribalized Nigerians of great visions, who IWDA will unveil and celebrate in due time, as a result of the vast business prospects in our inland waterways. This we are aware is not unconnected with government Policies and attendant challenges.

Therefore, our sincere commitment is to pursue the course of making our Inland waters business environment safe and robust, while ensuring our campaign for the development of the Inland Waterways in Nigeria is sustained, which is the crux of the course.

To this end, our door is open to the government agencies, key players in the industry and other stakeholders, with a view to engage in the revitalization of the sector. And bring to birth an attractive, business friendly inland Waterways.

Finally, we appreciate our esteemed guests for finding time to be here, while soliciting their support in this course for the overall good of all. And the time to do this is now. Let us join hands to make it work.

I wish you all a fruitful section.

Thanks you.

Comrade Temple B. Morford
National President
Inland Waterway Development Association of Nigeria(IWDAN)

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live IWDAN