The nation’s ports and waterways serve as the backbone of our transportation system, providing both domestic and international trade opportunities at low-cost, also enabling efficient movement of goods. IWDAN calls for the development and maintenance of our nation’s waterways and related infrastructure, to allow for the expanded use of this very efficient and environmentally friendly means of both commercial and public transportation.

Flood and erosion control

Floodwalls, flood protection and erosion protection infrastructure are integral to economic development and risk reduction in hundreds of large and small communities, industrial zones, urban areas, agricultural regions, and vitally strategic zones around the Nation. Shore protection projects provides protection from storm events. IWDAN supports greater investment in efforts focused on reducing the damages caused by both riverine flooding, coastal storms and erosion as these investments continue to save lives and billions of dollars in damages.


Hydropower, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the nation total renewable electricity generation, is a clean, renewable and reliable energy source that consistently meets national environmental and energy policy objectives. IWDAN calls for strongly supports maintaining, improving and enhancing our nation’s hydropower resources.

Water supply

Because an adequate water supply is vital to the nation’s economic well-being and quality of life, IWDAN calls on the federal, state and local efforts to provide, maintain and safeguard our water supplies. Developing additional storage and distribution facilities to meet future needs and optimize utilization.

Ecosystem restoration

IWDAN recognizes that aquatic ecosystems play a critical role in providing a healthy environment and in helping to protect lives and property by providing natural barriers to both riverine and coastal flooding. Valuable wetlands, operating as part of more natural systems, are critical to water quality, flood damage reduction, sustainable economic development, diversity of species, and overall quality of life.


IWDAN calls for revitalization efforts to provide the Nigeria nation with recreational opportunities through the enjoyment of our nation’s lakes, waterways and parks, which will be of economic benefit and create jobs for the Nation's citizens.

Other factors

Other factors necessary for immediate attention are:
  • Health safety and security of our waterways
  • Environmental factors
  • Insufficient navigational facilities in the waterways
  • Poor technological factors
  • Poor awareness program and lack of sensitization.
  • Hydro-geological factors
  • Lack of infrastructural Development
  • Non compliance to waterways laws and others


IWDAN is committed to advocate in favor of national policy and laws that recognize the vital importance of national water resources infrastructure to our nation’s well-being and quality of life. Established in 2017, IWDAN supports a sound balance between economic and human needs and environmental and ecological considerations.

Rational, balanced, common-sense policies and programs that recognize the multiple uses of water and the essential contributions of a healthy and environmentally sound water resources infrastructure to the nation’s economic prosperity, public health and national security.

Robust investments in critical inland waterways infrastructure, including funding for operation and maintenance sufficient to preserve the value of prior investments, to ensure that waterways resources will continue to contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by every Nigeria and sustain our global economic competitiveness.

An investment decision process for new projects that reflects the national interest in water resources premised upon proven analytical tools and an evaluation of a full range of alternatives.

Cooperation among stakeholders and all levels and agencies of government that recognizes and respects national, regional, state and local differences in priorities and values related to waterways resources and supports decision-making at the level of government closest to our citizens.

Well-maintained waterways infrastructure is fundamental to Nigeria economic and environmental well-being and is essential to maintaining our nation’s competitive position within the global economy.